About Us

We are Eyeska, a software development company that aims to: create and implement a decentralized, secure and immutable open platform, provide solutions to the issue of blockchain scalability and be able to process more than 1M TP, enable execution of cardless transactions and allow inclusivity of informal business sectors and inter-interoperability to external Fin-tech solutions.

We enter the world of cryptocurrency with one thing in mind: establish blockchain to be the most preferred viable and sustainable Fin-tech blockchain platform solution.

Our company is led by a group of financial, technology, scientific, academic, and business experts because we believe that having people from all industry domains is the key to establishing a holistic Fin-tech blockchain platform. Through this team of highly trained experts, we are confident that our resources and capabilities will always be set towards identifying and addressing customer needs and concerns and in adhering to our design philosophy, which will guarantee users, miners, community, supporters and benefactors a healthy ecosystem that will always remain fair and balanced.

error: At Eyeska Technology, Inc. we take great steps to protect our information and our Customers!