Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Prevention Policy

The below is a summary of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Prevention Policy (“AML Policy”) of Eyeska Foundation, AG / Eyeska Technology, Inc. / Abibaa Group (“Company”, “we”,”us” or “our”). Any questions relating to this policy should be directed to Compliance@Eyeska.IO

The purpose of this AML Policy is to articulate our commitment to detecting, preventing and reporting attempts to use the Company’s platform (the “Platform”) and the digital tokens issue by the Company (the “Eyeska Tokens”) to illegally launder money, to finance illegal activities such as terrorism and drug trafficking, to commit fraud etc. (all activities being “Prohibited Activities”).

In the event we suspect that an activity or behavior in the Platform and/or with the Eyeska Tokens associated with you (“you”, “your” means a contributor and/or a Purchaser as defined in the Terms of Use) may meet the characteristics of Prohibited Activities, we reserve the right to suspend your use of the Platform and freeze any funds in fiat currency and/or Eyeska Tokens, pending the outcome of an internal investigation, whether with or without prior notice (if at all), in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. We reserve the right to report any suspicious activities to the police and/or relevant authorities without your knowledge.

The decision of whether a transaction is potentially suspicious as Prohibited Activities shall be made by the Company at its sole and absolute discretion.

  •  In relation to the Prohibited Activities, we have:

    Appointed a Money Laundering Reporting Officer;
    – Adopted a risk-based approach towards assessing and managing the money laundering risks to the business;
    – Adopted a risk-based customer due diligence system and thereunder we obtain identification and proof of address in accordance with the KYC (“know your customer”) procedures, which include enhanced due diligence checks in cases that we consider higher risk – the risk factor will be determined at our sole discretion;
    – Put into place an internal procedure for flagging and reporting suspicious activity;
    Collected, and continue to collect, information with the aim of verifying information to serve the “Know Your Client” and “Client Due Diligence” efforts (hereinafter, collectively, “KYC”).

If you are a Restricted Territories User you will not be able to participate in the Eyeska Tokens distribution period and you are not allowed to hold any Eyeska Tokens. “Restricted Territories User” means, citizen, resident of, a person located or domiciled in, or any corporation or partnership created or organized in or under the laws of: (1) the United States of America including its states, territories or the District of Columbia; (2) Israel; (3) Bosnia Herzegovina; (4) Syria; (5) Iran; (6) Ethiopia; (7) Uganda; (8) North Korea; or (9) any other jurisdiction we may add or delete from time to time in the light of the relevant watch lists and as per our sole discretion.
• During your registration on the Platform, you will be asked to enter the address of the digital wallet you will use for the purchase of the Eyeska Tokens. Any attempts to send funds from a different address during the Eyeska Tokens distribution period may result in an inability to purchase Eyeska Tokens.
• As part of our AML Policy, you understand that while you agree to use the Platform, you are also prepared to provide, prior to any purchase of Eyeska Tokens, any documentation which we find relevant in order to serve our KYC and AML policies.
• If you are acting on behalf of a legal person you will be required to provide Us with valid power of attorney and send us the aforementioned KYC documents with a company stamp and certified as a true copy of the original by a lawyer, certifying officer or a Notary public.
• We require the KYC documents to be sent to us in high quality color format. We reserve the right to reject any documents which do not comply with the above.
• We reserve the right to require additional information at any time to verify your identification and any further information that we may require, and to use third parties in order to identify and investigate the information you provided and other information with regards to you (such as, but not limited to, online verification, political exposed person identification etc.).
• We may also disclose any and/or all of the KYC documents to any relevant authority and/or institution in order to examine, inter alia, your status concerning bankruptcy, reputation checks and criminal records and/or in order to comply with AML laws, regulations, rules or anything related thereto.
• We restrict certain jurisdictions, type of businesses and certain individuals from using the Platform and purchasing and holding the Eyeska Tokens. The AML Policy is not a substitute for your need to comply, in full, with the applicable laws and regulations in connection with your business conduct, personal characteristics and legal status. We do not offer any consultancy in connection with your need to comply with the applicable laws and regulation.
• We may change this policy, at our own discretion, from time to time in compliance with the dynamic applicable laws and regulation framework, without notice

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