The Solutions

The Eyeska “O” Block is an integrated suite of solutions anchored on a decentralized blockchain to keep transactions secure, instantaneous, and inexpensive. This ecosystem is composed of the EyeskaNoPass, Eyeska Token (EKA), Eyeska Cardless ATM, Eyeska M-Connect, Eyeska Ex Platform, and Eyeska Bank.


Eyeska “O” Block

The Eyeska “O” Block is an open source and decentralized platform that is designed to solve scalability problems. With the capability to process more than 1,000,000 transactions per second, Eyeska “O” Block transaction speed can eclipse those of popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and even mainstream payment networks like VISA. For the Eyeska community to experience the full capacity of Eyeska “O” Block, the platform provides DevCube, a complete blockchain development suite that allows developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) and creation of smart contracts and deployment to the platform’s test environment. This empowers the community’s participation to create, innovate and advance the Eyeska platform.

Eyeska No Pass

Underpinning the whole ecosystem is EyeskaNoPass, which uses iris recognition for authentication and authorization. This security solution uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques to verify user identity. The user gazes into a scanner, either on his phone, at the counter, or any other scanning device, for verification. If there is a match with enrolled records, the user gains access. This frees users from the hassle of having to bring a card and/or recall a PIN or password when doing financial transactions. Iris recognition is known for its extreme resistance to false matches, giving users maximum security as they carry out transactions. Also, matching is accomplished in seconds, which is why many countries are now using the technology for passport-free automated border-crossings and some national ID programs. The EyeskaNoPass is an extremely advanced and highly secured verification and authentication security system. In the Eyeska Ecosystem, it is what provides security robustness for authentication and authorization. It radiates the Ecosystem, powers the Eyeska Token (EKA), Eyeska M-Connect, Eyeska Cardless ATM and Eyeska EX Platform, and makes mobile payment, wire transfer and currency trading secure. The EyeskaNoPass Security technology is also designed to eliminate or reduce to zero all possible fraudulent activities in the digital payment industry.

Eyeska Cardless ATM

Eyeska Cardless ATM's function pretty much like any standard automated teller machine, except that these are equipped with the EyeskaNoPass. This means no cards or PINs are required to gain access. In partnerships with banks and other financial institutions, Eyeska ATM's will be set up in key locations across the world. They are multi-lingual and can be used for cash withdrawal (in local currencies), online payment, fund transfer, and utility bills payment.

Eyeska M-Connect

The Eyeska M-Connect is a transaction tool that links buyers and sellers, and brings the Eyeska Token to the door-steps of consumers. It utilizes maximum security, the safeguard feature provided by the EyeskaNoPass, to allow merchants to accept the Eyeska Token with minimal or cost-effective transaction fees and freedom from worrying about charge backs and security issues. The Eyeska M-Connect enables instant payment to retailers, hotels, airlines, shopping malls, ecommerce platforms, application developers’ platforms, mining and energy sectors, and other marketplaces

Eyeska Ex Platform

The Eyeska Ex Platform is a decentralized multi-lingual cryptocurrency exchange through which people can buy and sell digital tokens as a form of investment. While access to the platform will require EyeskaNoPass, executing a trade will be quick and easy. Users need not know some form of coding as the system will do the job for them after giving it a few instructions. Aside from Eyeska Tokens, other cryptocurrencies will also be listed on the exchange for trade.

Eyeska Bank

The Eyeska Bank empowers users who want to do their share in improving the ecosystem and its environs by expressing their views. Participation through this platform is open for every member of the community, including token holders, merchants, experts, etc. No one will be discriminated against by virtue of his/her race, creed, ideology, or status in life. Key issues will be decided upon via a majority vote, and every member is entitled to one vote, regardless of the number of tokens that he/she possesses. Members can choose among themselves who will take the lead in facilitating a smooth interaction within the community.
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